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Organization, Team, and Individual Assessments


Whatever issue your organization is looking to resolve — aligning business strategy and structure, assessing customer satisfaction or evaluating a change initiative — getting started is the hardest part.

In fact, more often than not, the two most difficult aspects of resolving an organizational issue are 1) getting a handle on just what is going on and 2) determining which of several options offers the best course of action. The people closest to the situation are usually the ones who know what is going on; however, their proximity may impair their objectivity. Also, deeply involved with day-to-day deadlines, politics and personalities they may leave even priority issues on the back burner.

Ruben Consulting Group has the expertise, systems focus, and insight to see beyond the obvious and quickly zero in on underlying and core issues. Our broad experience working with complicated systems and change issues, coupled with our ongoing training in the most effective assessment processes, enables us to provide accurate diagnoses and recommend solutions that gain the greatest return with the least amount of effort.

We specialize in identifying complex tangles, whether they be individual, team, or organizational. Our Ruben Tangle Assessment is researched based, and uncovers the hidden forces that may be threatening your success.


RCG Assessment Services

Organizational Effectiveness Audits

Ruben Consulting Group uses various methods to gather information from employees, vendors and customers. We design surveys, conduct brief, targeted interviews, and facilitate focus groups. We analyze the data to find the relevant themes and the “story” they tell. From that, we prepare and deliver a comprehensive report with specific recommendations for action.

360-Degree Feedback

We can provide feedback for a single executive or a team, or help you implement a 360-degree feedback program in your company. Information from a 360 feedback can be invaluable in identifying strengths as well as opportunities for performance development.

Quadred QuadstratOrganization AssessmentThe Quadred QuadStrat is a web-based tool that measures your organization against thousands of global organizations in organization strategy, design and culture. The assessment evaluates the performance and importance of each discipline and pinpints best opportunities for strategic business improvement.

This process is particularly powerful in boosting the quality of strategic planning, executive and organizational alignment efforts. It can also help new executives gain traction in their new role by identifying performance areas that need immediate attention.

Personality and Behavioral Assessments

These assessments provide profiles of a person’s preferences for communicating, gathering information, making decisions, and organizing. They can be particularly helpful in individual coaching and team development. We administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and a number of other instruments in our coaching and consulting practice. We take care to find the tools that match the need, and will devise original assessments if the standard ones do not fit your situation.


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Samples of Assessment Intervention

Organizational Assessment at High Technology Company

We conducted an organizational assessment of a technology strategy team at a mid-market high technology company to determine reasons for dissatisfaction by its team members. Based on findings, we conducted a problem-solving offsite for the team members in which results were presented and the group worked together to identify solutions. Offsite resulted in restructuring of team and a new work focus.

Organization Assessment at High Technology Company

We conducted interviews and focus groups with members of an internal service group at a Fortune 100 company to determine the level of customer satisfaction. As a result of the findings, the group was restructured so they could meet internal customer needs more effectively.


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