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Studies demonstrate that a handful of competencies distinguish superior managers and executives from average ones. That competency gap can be measured in dollars — in a company’s bottom line.

Executive coaching can help close that gap and improve a company’s financial results. Several studies show that coaching produces an ROI of between six and seven times the cost of coaching.

An outside coach offers an executive objective feedback, sound leadership practices with a path for adopting them, and unbiased guidance. You can use it as a refinement tool to add polish to key executives, a retention tool to reduce turnover and reward star performers, and a development tool to prepare your next generation of leaders.

Ruben Consulting Group delivers executive coaching that gets results. Each assignment is unique, designed to achieve the results that you desire. We use a scientifically proven brain friendly coaching methodology that affords clients a safe and quiet process that generates their own solutions. 


The RCG Coaching Process

  1. Leadership Aspirations. We begin by exploring your leadership aspirations, values and personal and professional goals. You define your goal for our coaching relationship.
  2. Contracting. A coaching contract states the agreed upon coaching objectives, timeframes, roles and means of measurement.
  3. Identify Development Opportunities. Together we identify the gaps between your perception of your abilities and the perception of others. To collect this information, we use interviews with your colleagues, a 360-degree feedback process, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, DiSC, HBDI,EQi, or other tools.
  4. Coaching Plan. The plan defines how we will achieve your coaching goal. The plan may include our observation and feedback, homework, a developmental action plan, and structured feedback or mentoring from colleagues.
  5. Ongoing Meetings. Your coach will meet with you regularly to give you feedback, encouragement, push back and a point of accountability.
  6. Follow-Up. We often administer mini-surveys to determine if the desired changes have taken place. We may also meet with you periodically for check ups.


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Samples of Coaching Interventions

Senior Level Executive Coaching—Financial Services

We coached a number of directors, vice presidents and executive vice presidents at a fast growing Fortune 500 financial services firm. Several of the executives had advanced so quickly that they hadn’t gone through the normal career developmental process. We had executives reflect on their behavior and motives, administered assessments and observed them in action, to help them improve performance and leadership behaviors.

Director Level Coaching—High Technology

A high technology company was experiencing a high level of turnover in their engineering ranks. We coached several engineering directors of a high technology company to improve their leadership skills. As a result, the company’s performance improved and employee turnover dropped.

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