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You have your best talent at work developing strategy, designing products, fulfilling orders, and marketing and selling and managing the business. During a change process, however, you may need an objective outside facilitator to help them do their best new thinking.

Ruben Consulting Group can improve the quality of your meetings so that you can improve the quality of your business. We have years of experience designing and facilitating interactive working sessions that create alignment, commitment and action. Our guiding philosophy is that the “solutions are in the room.” So we design meetings and events that allow all voices to be heard. We are recognized for our ability to create a safe environment to raise and resolve difficult issues and to achieve genuine change.



Strategic Planning

Ruben Consulting Group has designed and facilitated numerous strategic planning meetings and off-sites for leaders of corporations and non-profits, as well as for work groups and teams. We tailor each session to suit your situation and achieve the desired outcome. We use a variety of facilitation methods, including graphics, our proprietary planning software and other proven facilitation tools.


Whether the purpose is team building, planning, or development, we design and facilitate off sites that exceed your expectations. We draw on our vast experience and a substantial library of tools, processes and practices to engage your team while at the same time accomplishing the desired results.

Large Group Meetings

Often, the best way to effect rapid change is to get people who represent a cross-section of the organization into the same room to hear the data and, in one meeting or a series of meetings, plan develop action plans for change. Designing and facilitating these “whole system change meetings” require a special level of expertise and skill. We have the necessary skills and have used them successfully in various settings.

Appreciative Inquiry Summits

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a new technique that releases the creative energy of groups of people to effect organizational change. Ruben Consulting Group conducts Appreciative Inquiry Summits with groups who believe that they will achieve more by focusing on a positive future instead of on a deficit past. Participants in AI summits focus on identifying what the organization is doing right in the area being considered, e.g., creating collaborative work teams. Then they explore ways to expand on that.


Ruben Consulting Group has designed and developed dozens of workshops around a variety of leadership, team building and sales topics. We consult with you to determine your learning needs and design interactive workshops in which participants have fun and learn new skills.


We have worked with companies to design conferences such as annual sales meetings that are informative, energizing and fun. We work closely with business leaders to determine the goals of the meeting and then develop activities that will help them meet those goals.


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Samples of Facilitation Interventions

Offsite—High Tech

We designed and facilitated a planning meeting for a performance management team at a high tech company. They needed to develop a mission and a plan for institutionalizing a new performance management system.

Strategic Planning—Retail

We worked closely with the CEO of a large retail company to develop and facilitate a two-day strategic planning session with the senior team. We used graphic facilitation methods to help the team focus on the business environment and a strategy that was most likely to result in higher retail sales. As a result of this work, overall sales improved.

Strategic Planning—High-Tech

Two technology marketing groups that were merging needed to devise a strategy for merging the teams as well as a new vision and mission. We worked with them to develop a new mission, vision, action plans and messaging, resulting in a clearer focus and successful integration.

Strategic Planning—Nonprofits

We have conducted strategic planning sessions for the boards of a number of nonprofit organizations. Our efforts typically focus on the issues that nonprofit boards struggle with most: defining a clear mission, charter and strategy that volunteers will implement, and finding ongoing sources of funding. We customize strategic planning off-sites for each group we work with, using our business experience and tools developed especially for nonprofits.

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