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Leadership Effectiveness


Best in class companies are distinguished by their exemplary leadership. Whether your company is at the top of your game and wanting to maintain that position, undergoing rapid growth, engaged in a struggle to survive or turnaround, or undergoing large scale change, you need effective leadership.

Ruben Consulting Group helps your leaders perform at their best. We have a special expertise in working with leaders who are creating new ventures, leading innovation and change, managing mergers and acquisition, and responding to new competitive pressures. We help them learn to think strategically, make decisions, work collaboratively and build stronger interpersonal relationships.

Ruben Consulting Group’s leadership effectiveness practice blends practical business experience with people savvy. We combine our real-world experience as team leaders, managers, executives, and business owners with our experience in human and organizational dynamics. This allows us to develop and recommend pragmatic solutions that are theoretically sound but practically based.



Leadership Effectiveness Assessment

Your management team's competencies need to be aligned with your key business strategies. RCG can administer a customized assessment that offers specific, targeted feedback on both the organizational and leadership competencies needed to execute your strategic plans. We also offer recommendations for development strategies and programs.

Leadership Transition and Integration

A new executive’s first six months on the job are critical to his or her success. We design and facilitate group meetings that help new leaders become integrated with their peer group and gain the commitment of their direct reports.

High Potential Development

As increasing numbers of baby-boomers leave the workforce, your organization must build and retain the next generation of leadership. RCG can help you identify high performers, ensure that they gain broad and varied experience, and build coaching programs that will keep them advancing.

Succession Planning

Do you know who will lead your organization into the future? Don’t leave the future to take care of itself — develop a clear and comprehensive succession plan. RCG can help you build and implement a succession plan that ensures the leaders of the future are ready and able to step up when the time comes.

Leadership Workshops

We develop and facilitate customized workshops that build leadership skills such as interpersonal communication, collaboration, decision making and conflict management.


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Sample Engagements

Competency Development — High Technology Corporation

We identified the critical competencies for the position of information services director at three high technology companies. We also rolled out a 360-degree feedback and development planning process for directors and their staffs at these firms.

Leadership Development—High Technology

We identified critical competencies for the management of the engineering divisions at a Fortune 500 high technology firm. We worked with the director and managers to identify gaps, created developmental plans and coached the management team in critical leadership skills. As a result, turnover in those divisions was reduced.

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