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Organizational Change Consultation


Today's fiercely competitive marketplace doesn’t allow you to rest on your laurels. New competition can come out of nowhere and market conditions can change overnight, presenting your organization with a new business reality. So you must be able to quickly harness the talent and commitment of your employees to plan and execute the necessary change.

Ruben Consulting Group (RCG) helps organizations anticipate, prepare for and implement change. We possess expertise in systemic and human dynamics informed by hands-on business management experience. We deliver strategic thinking and pragmatic solutions tailored to your business environment.

We work with business leaders to think through a proposed change that is aligned with your business strategy, and help you to identify hurdles and consequences. Together, we devise a strategy that will provide a roadmap to your desired results. We help you identify ways to involve employees at each phase so that the initiative engages their interest, benefits from their knowledge and gains their commitment. We also help you put in place steps within the plan that will keep business disruptions to a minimum.

We have worked with start-up and high-growth companies, with seemingly routine technical updates and changes that are critical to the company’s survival, including:

  • Cultural shifts – From a manufacturing to a marketing focus, or from a focus on speed to a focus on speed and accuracy
  • Implementation of enterprise wide technologies – Including SAP, Oracle and i2
  • Merger and acquisition integration
  • Organization redesign and restructure
  • Redesign of key processes –Supply chain reengineering, shift from functional focus to process focus
  • Introduction of or change to quality standards such as Six Sigma
  • Organization transformations in which the future of the company is at stake


Change Readiness Assessment

We use interviews, surveys, focus groups, and proprietary assessments to you identify the strengths the organization can leverage during the change effort and obstacles that could impede your efforts. This information is a critical precursor to designing a change strategy.

Strategic Change Design

Based on the results of the change readiness assessment, we work with you to develop a high level strategy for your change effort. The strategy helps ensure a shared vision across all levels and departments, alignment with business strategy, buy-in from your management and involvement of your employees.

Implementation Planning and Execution

RCG’s implementation plan turns your high level strategy into a roadmap with milestones and deliverables. Since change efforts are complex, messy and unpredictable, the plan also includes a process for correcting the course.

Project Leadership

RCG can provide appropriate and informed guidance to ensure the right deliverables are completed successfully and on time. We can either lead the change effort or collaborate with your project team.

Process Facilitation

We expertly design and facilitate small design meetings, large scale meetings and Appreciative Inquiry Summits to ensure that your change process captures the best thinking of your sponsors, stakeholders and teams.

Strategic Communication

Every action and every word sends a message to your employees. RCG can help you develop a communication plan that supports the change process. The plan ensures that your target audiences receive clear, accurate and consistent messages at appropriate times. It also includes coaching to help managers conduct informal "conversations for change" throughout the organization.


RCG’s unique coaching technique draws on business acumen and a thorough understanding of human dynamics. We work one-on-one or with entire teams to cultivate the leadership behaviors and mutual respect needed to advance the change process.

Leadership Transformation Off-Site Meetings

RCG customizes leadership transformation off-sites to help your leaders achieve the mindset, behaviors and skills they need to see the effort through to a successful conscusion.


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Sample Engagements

Change Program Leadership for High Technology Corporation

We led the change management efforts of the Program Management Office for one of top four global technology initiatives within a Fortune 100 corporation. These efforts included coaching the program leadership team, and facilitating meetings and off-sites. We developed an instrument that measured the level of senior executive support across the company and facilitated a series of workshops that helped align the team and keep results on target.

Large Scale Global Technology Implementation for High Technology Company

We led the change management effort for a Fortune 500 high technology company that introduced an integrated collaborative software tool to replace 5 existing email systems. We conducted a change readiness assessment, and developed and implemented the change management strategy.

SAP Change Implementation for Chemical Corporation

We helped a Fortune 500 chemical production firm implement SP R/3. After doing a change readiness assessment, we developed a change management strategy that was used by the company in successfully implementing their change.

Culture Shift for Semiconductor Corporation

A Fortune 500 semiconductor firm engaged us to change their team process so that accountability and decision making occurred at the level where employees interacted with customers. Our strategy included a needs assessment, coaching, education and continuous quality assurance.

System-wide Cultural Change for Pharmaceutical Corporation

We partnered with a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical firm to design and roll out an employee empowerment process worldwide. We conducted a needs assessment and continuous quality assurance.

Transition to Team-based Culture at Telecommunications Corporation

We worked with a Fortune 500 telecommunications firm to introduce a team-based culture in the organization. We conducted a needs assessment, crafted an education program, and recruited and trained consultants conduct the training. We also provided quality assurance for a series of team-building sessions.

Merger of Two High Technology Companies

RCG served on the culture integration team for the merger of two mid-sized high technology companies. We also played an active role in assessing the challenges to integration and in designing a leadership summit.

Internal Merger of Two Divisions in Financial Services Corporation

Several technology teams came together after two divisions of a Fortune 500 financial services firm merged. Each used a different technology platform and had a different culture. RCG designed a series of team meetings that helped the new team get off to a smooth start and resolve technology issues.

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