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Team Effectiveness


The complexity of the business environment means that few, if any, individuals can get things done alone. This is why teams have become an integral part of today’s organizations.

When they work well, teams of diverse, talented and committed people can collaborate, share ideas, and formulate sound decisions and solutions.

On the other hand, teams that don’t work well have partisanship instead of collaboration, conflict instead of synergy, and competition instead of cooperation.

There are many reasons why teams don’t excel. Employees who are asked for the first time to share knowledge, practices and resources may hold out. The team may not have created a clear charter or norms for making decisions and resolving conflict. Strained relationships or differences in personality or style can also impede a team’s progress.

Ruben Consulting Group (RCG) helps organizations build and sustain effective teams, from management to production teams. Our expertise in human and group dynamics is coupled with our own experience on effective business teams.



Team Assessment

We use various instruments and approaches to assess the effectiveness of your team including interviews, the Lominger Team Architect, and observations of team meetings. This process quickly and accurately measures your team’s ability to perform at its best and reveals areas that need improvement.

Senior Executive Team Development

Senior executive teams, made up of people who lead their own functions and vying for advancement, may inherently resist working collaboratively. We customize programs and coaching solutions to develop your senior team effectively to lead and sustain strategy implementation and organizational change efforts.

Team Development

Based on an accurate assessment, we develop comprehensive and measurable development and coaching strategies. Throughout the implementation of the coaching process, we evaluate our progress, make course corrections and report to management.

Team Coaching

We often coach an entire team, acting as process facilitators and then observers., We provide feedback to the team on its group processes and relationships as well as its strengths in getting results, resolving conflict constructively and making decisions.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of many valuable tools that we often use as a foundation for our work with teams. It provides better understanding of the strengths and styles of each team member so you can learn how to take advantage of them and solidify teams throughout your organization.

Post Team Assessment

After completing any team effectiveness interventions, we follow up with the team to make sure that interventions they put in place are sustained, and to recommend and facilitate any follow up activities.


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Intervention Samples

Team Kickoff Process for Team-Financial Services

We designed a team kickoff process for an information services team at a financial services company. Several teams, each with a different technical background and expertise, were integrating into one team that used a common database. We designed the kickoff process to build trust and establish basis for high performance team.

Team Kickoff and Development Process for Product Development Team-High Tech

We designed and delivered a team kickoff process and team development efforts for several product development teams at a high tech company. These processes resulted in higher team performance.

Team Development for Program Team-High Tech

We assessed the program team that was responsible for a global technology initiative and developed a series of workshops to enhance the team’s function. The result was more effective team processes and results.

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