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Change the Snapshot, Change Leadership Perception

Change the Snapshot, Change the Perceptions -

Learn how to create positive leadership perceptions.

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Coaching for Results: An Overview of Effective Tools
The call was a familiar one. Dave Jones* was promoted to an Executive VP position at Standard, Inc., a struggling but still viable large cap company. Dave had been with the company for 12 years and had 'grown up' there. He had done extremely well in previous positions, however, he hit a roadblock in his current role. 316KB more

Facilitating Large-Scale Change Through Leadership Coaching
The intricacy and speed of organizational life often force a company to make large-scale changes rapidly. 305KB more

Getting Their Due
It's never been as easy as it is today to be a female lawyer, but a few hurdles remain. 69KB more

Promoted Too Fast: Overcoming the Big Syndrome
In his 1988 hit movie "Big," Tom Hanks portrays a 12-year old boy who asks a mechanical swami at a carnival to grant his wish to be grown up. 147KB more

Who Will Lead Your Firm Into the Future?
Billable hours, managing case loads, satisfying clients and "making rain" are the critical items that keep most managing Partners up at night. 88KB more