RCG White Papers

A New Look At Leading Change

With the increasing complexity and rapid change in today's global economy, leading a planned change within a large global corporation is more challenging than ever. 50KB more

Appreciative Inquiry: A New Approach to Change Leadership

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) was first introduced by David Cooperider and Suresh Srivastva in 1987 in an academic journal. Since that time, the new approach to change has caught on with change practitioners around the world with remarkable results. Why all of the excitement and why does this approach get positive results? 39KB more

Beating the Odds: Success Strategies for Women in the Legal Profession

Former Attorney General Janet Reno, speaking at a California Women Lawyers' dinner at the California State Bar meeting in September 2001, recalled that while at Harvard Law School in the early 1960's, the dean asked what she planned to do with her degree, as if unsure what a woman could accomplish with this credential. 250KB more