Tangle Doctor™ with Leadership Knot

We skillfully listen to identify the knots and then facilitate a process to improve your thinking and your business results.

Are brain knots undermining leadership effectiveness? Most leaders eventually reach a point in their career when a trusted advisor/executive coach can take them to their next level of success. 

We have helped:
  • CEO's stay composed under pressure and more effectively communicate with Boards, their leadership team, and the broader organization
  • Hard charging executives gain emotional intelligence and collaboration skills
  • Control freaks gain confidence to let go and empower their teams
  • Women leaders tangled in self-doubt gain confidence and executive presence and rise to new levels
  • Leaders uncomfortable with conflict learn to effectively give and receive difficult feedback
  • Leaders unable to persuade others learn influence and political savvy skills. 
Our executive coaching services are grounded in the latest neuroscience and evidence based coaching methods. We have worked successfully with scores of leaders in small, medium, and large companies, in all industries.