Ruben Consulting Group is an established San Francisco-based executive leadership development firm. We work with leaders to untangle the complex interpersonal, team, and organizational undercurrents that unchecked, strangle performance.

Our Untangling Methodology gets results because it is:

Informed by empirical research findings in leadership, complexity science, and neuroscience that provide powerful insights and pragmatic strategies for success
Grounded in more than 25 years of experience with leaders in a variety of industries and business sectors
Customized to your specific organizational and leadership culture and designed to move you rapidly from insight to effective action
Powered by the most cutting edge untangling tools

Your success is our success.

Leadership Tangle
  • CEO’s who are not communicating effectively with their Board
  • Teams that are stuck in unproductive conflict
  • Leaders who are tangled in self-doubt
  • Snarling, hard-charging leaders who shut down ideas
  • Conflict-averse executives who avoid the tough issues, and tend towards passive aggressive communication patterns
  • Micromanagers who leave their teams feeling disempowered
  • Finger-pointing and blaming that creates an "us versus them" culture
  • Key leaders who are not collaborating with major stakeholders
  • Snarled thinking that gets in the way of smart decisions
  • “VUCA in the headlights” moments resulting in fear and playing not to lose (VUCA - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) 
  • Emotionally-charged, political messes that tangle forward progress
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To diagnose, address and untangle YOUR unique Leadership Knots, contact Marcia Ruben, PhD and optimize your executive leadership performance and business results.


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Are Leadership Tangles Undermining Leadership Effectiveness? Are Your Teams Tangled In Conflict And Blame? Are New Leaders Immobilized By A Tripwire Tangle?

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