Untangling Services

  • Executive Coaching

    Studies demonstrate that a handful of competencies distinguish superior managers and executives from average ones. That competency gap can be measured in dollars — in a company’s bottom line. Executive coaching can help close that gap and improve a company’s financial results. Several studies show that coaching produces a ROI of between six and seven times the cost of coaching.

    An outside coach offers an executive objective feedback, sound leadership practices with a path for adopting them, and unbiased guidance. You can use it as a refinement tool to add polish to key executives, a retention tool to reduce turnover and reward star performers, and a development tool to prepare your next generation of leaders.

    Ruben Consulting Group delivers executive coaching that gets noticeable results quickly and effectively. Each assignment is unique, designed to achieve the results that you desire. Our coaching methodology is grounded in the latest neuroscience evidence and turbo-charged with masterful expertise to move clients from insight to action. Our approach affords leaders a safe yet challenging process that prepares them to thrive in complex, chaotic, and fast changing environments.

    Coaching Specialties

    We have facilitated scores of successful coaching processes with the following results:

    • CEO's stay composed under pressure and more effectively communicate with their Board, their leadership team, and the broader organization
    • Hard charging executives gain emotional intelligence and collaboration skills
    • Micromanagers gain confidence to let go and empower their teams
    • Women leaders tangled in self-doubt gain confidence and executive presence and rise to new levels
    • Leaders uncomfortable with conflict learn to effectively give and receive difficult feedback
    • Leaders unable to persuade others demonstrate influence and political savvy skills

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  • Team Performance

    The complexity of the business environment means that few, if any, individuals can get things done alone. This is why teams have become an integral part of today’s organizations. When they work well and are untangled, teams of diverse, talented and committed people can collaborate, share ideas, and formulate sound decisions and solutions. On the other hand, teams that don’t work well have partisanship instead of collaboration, conflict instead of synergy, and competition instead of cooperation. They get tied up in team tangles. There are many reasons why teams don’t excel. Lack of team trust is one. Employees who are asked for the first time to share knowledge, practices and resources may hold out. The team may not have created clear rules of engagement or productive norms for making decisions and resolving conflict. Roles may be ambiguous and unclear. The team structure may actually work against true collaboration. Strained relationships or differences in personality or style can also impede a team’s progress. Ruben Consulting Group (RCG) helps organizations build and sustain effective teams, from management to production teams. Our expertise in human and group dynamics is coupled with our own experience on effective business teams.

    Team Performance Specialties

    We have conducted dozens of team off sites with the following results:

    • Teams that did not trust each other or their leader learn to work together effectively
    • Teams in which fuzzy roles and unclear lines of accountability block progress are able to clarify the vagueness and create effective rules of engagement
    • Teams in which backbiting, blame, and gossip hinder performance begin to practice more accountable ways of operating

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  • Executive Education & Facilitation

    You have your best talent at work developing strategy, designing products, fulfilling orders, and marketing and selling and managing the business. During a change process, however, you may need an objective outside facilitator to help them do their best new thinking. Ruben Consulting Group can both provide effective executive education and improve the quality of your meetings so that you can significantly improve your business results. We have years of experience designing and facilitating interactive working sessions that create alignment, commitment and action. Our guiding philosophy is that the “solutions are in the room.” So we design meetings and events that allow all voices to be heard. We are recognized for our ability to create a safe environment to raise and resolve difficult issues and to achieve genuine change.

    Executive Education & Facilitation Specialties

    We've helped design and facilitate off sties and retreats resulting in:

    • Concrete, actionable business strategies
    • A safe space in which tough issues are surfaced and resolved
    • Increased understanding and acceptance of differing leadership styles
    • Enhanced emotional intelligence skills Increased trust and collaboration leading to accelerated business results

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  • Assessments

    Whatever issue your organization is looking to resolve — aligning business strategy and structure, assessing customer satisfaction or evaluating a change initiative — getting started is the hardest part. In fact, more often than not, the two most difficult aspects of resolving an organizational issue are:

    1. Getting a handle on just what is going on.
    2. Determining which of several options offers the best course of action.

    The people closest to the situation are usually the ones who know what is going on; however, their proximity may impair their objectivity. Also, deeply involved with day-to-day deadlines, politics and personalities they may leave even priority issues on the back burner.

    Ruben Consulting Group has the expertise, systems focus, and insight to see beyond the obvious and quickly zero in on underlying and core issues. Our broad experience working with complicated systems and change issues, coupled with our ongoing training in the most effective assessment processes, enables us to provide accurate diagnoses and recommend solutions that gain the greatest return with the least amount of effort.

    We specialize in identifying complex tangles, whether they be individual, team, or organizational. Our Ruben Tangle Assessment is researched based, and uncovers the hidden forces that may be threatening your success.

    Assessment Specialties

    We have conducted a number of successful assessment processes with the following results:

    • Executives receive very specific positive feedback so they know what they are doing well and can do more of it and actionable constructive feedback with tangible action steps to increase their effectiveness
    • Teams identify why and where they are stuck and become measurably more functional
    • Division leaders identify what is working and not working in their culture and have a solid, pragmatic roadmap to make measurable change
    • Division leaders identify the best leadership and communication strategies to create a corporate culture that becomes a best place to work
    • Organizations identify the very best ways to implement change within their unique culture

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As the Tangle Doctor™ we work in partnership with leaders to facilitate positive change. Our methodology identifies hidden tangles and at the same time releases untapped leadership potential. Our process allows leaders to discover their own strengths, take charge, and develop organizational cultures that encourage trust, collaboration, accountability, and results.

 First Steps


Our first step is to listen intensely to learn about you, your industry, and what keeps you up at night. We ask questions to help you gain insight in to your challenges and begin to discover solutions. We listen with an ear to understanding and untangling the complexities. We pride ourselves on having you leave each meeting with a better and broader perspective of your situation, confidence that challenges will be resolved, and a roadmap to a pragmatic solution.

We work collaboratively with you to facilitate a process that will help you and your team discover workable solutions. We tap our extensive experience and practitioner toolkit to formulate the very best solution. Our facilitation processes are honed by years of experience and sharpened by the latest leading edge thinking in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, systems thinking, and complexity science. We make sure that we are spot on in both our process and that you are achieving the results that you desire. We don’t hesitate to make course corrections when needed.

We are at our best when we balance support with challenge. It is our job to bring out the best in you so that you can bring out the best in others.