Organizational Effectiveness Audits
Ruben Consulting Group uses various methods to gather information from employees, vendors and customers. We design surveys, conduct brief, targeted interviews, and facilitate focus groups. We analyze the data to find the relevant themes and the “story” they tell. From that, we prepare and deliver a comprehensive report with specific recommendations for action.

360 - Degree Feedback
We can provide feedback for a single executive or a team, or help you implement a 360-degree feedback program in your company. Information from a 360 feedback can be invaluable in identifying strengths as well as areas of development. We have administered and given feedback to scores of executives. We are known for giving tough feedback in a caring way that can be accepted and integrated.

Team Assessments
We are certified and deeply experienced in administering and debriefing both qualitative and quantitative team assessment processes. We have extensive expertise in knowing what makes teams effective and are skilled at providing feedback and pathways to positive and rapid team performance improvements.

Personality and Behavioral Assessments
These assessments provide profiles of a person’s preferences for communicating, gathering information, making decisions, and organizing. They can be particularly helpful in individual coaching and team development. We administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and a number of other instruments in our coaching and consulting practice. We take care to find the tools that match the need, and will devise original assessments if the standard ones do not fit your situation.

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