Workshop - Higher Education
We designed and facilitated a number of workshops in various topics including Boosting Emotional Intelligence and Building Effective Working Relationships for staff managers in a prestigious San Francisco Bay Area law school.

Workshop - Software Company
We designed and facilitated workshops for senior HR professionals on Neuroscience Basics for HR Leaders and one on Untangling Complex Emotionally Charged Situations.

Off site - High Tech
We designed and facilitated a planning meeting for a performance management team at a high tech company. They needed to develop a mission and a plan for institutionalizing a new performance management system.

Strategic Planning - Retail
We worked closely with the CEO of a large retail company to develop and facilitate a two-day strategic planning session with the senior team. We used graphic facilitation methods to help the team focus on the business environment and a strategy that was most likely to result in higher retail sales. As a result of this work, overall sales improved.

Strategic Planning - High-Tech
Two technology marketing groups that were merging needed to devise a strategy for merging the teams as well as a new vision and mission. We worked with them to develop a new mission, vision, action plans and messaging, resulting in a clearer focus and successful integration.

Strategic Planning - Nonprofits
We have conducted strategic planning sessions for the boards of a number of nonprofit organizations. Our efforts typically focus on the issues that nonprofit boards struggle with most: defining a clear mission, charter and strategy that volunteers will implement, and finding ongoing sources of funding. We customize strategic planning off-sites for each group we work with, using our business experience and tools developed especially for nonprofits.

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