Strategic Planning
Ruben Consulting Group has designed and facilitated numerous strategic planning meetings and off-sites for leaders of corporations and non-profits, as well as for work groups and teams. We tailor each session to suit your situation and achieve the desired outcome. We use a variety of proven facilitation methods.

Off Sites
Whether the purpose is team building, planning, or development, we design and facilitate off sites that exceed your expectations. We draw on our vast experience and a substantial library of tools, processes and practices to engage your team while at the same time accomplishing the desired results.

Large Group Meetings
Often, the best way to effect rapid change is to get people who represent a cross-section of the organization into the same room to hear the data and, in one meeting or a series of meetings, plan develop action plans for change. Designing and facilitating these “whole system change meetings” require a special level of expertise and skill. We have the necessary skills and have used them successfully in various settings.

Ruben Consulting Group has designed and developed dozens of workshops around a variety of leadership, team building and sales topics. We consult with you to determine your learning needs and design interactive workshops in which participants have fun and learn new skills.

We have worked with companies to design conferences such as annual sales meetings that are informative, energizing and fun. We work closely with business leaders to determine the goals of the meeting and then develop activities that will help them meet those goals.

Web-Based Education -
We have designed and delivered a wildly successful webinar series in Coaching Leaders for Innovation Success. We are skilled in designing and facilitating online education programs.

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