Leadership Aspirations.
We begin by exploring your leadership aspirations, values and personal and professional goals. You define your goal for our coaching relationship. Contracting. A coaching contract states the agreed upon coaching objectives, time frames, roles and means of measurement.

Identify Development Opportunities.
Together we identify the gaps between your perception of your abilities and the perception of others. To collect this information, we interview several key stakeholders and/or use a quantitative 360-degree feedback tool. We are certified in a number of professional assessments and use additional instruments as needed.

Meeting with Boss.
We facilitate a meeting between you and your boss to share what you have learned from the assessment process and to agree on goals, metrics, and how your boss and/or Board chair can support your ongoing development.

Coaching Plan.
The plan defines how we will achieve your coaching goal. The plan includes regularly scheduled coaching meetings to facilitate your progress on your goals. We provide feedback, homework, and often observe you "in action."

Ongoing Meetings.
Your coach will meet with you regularly to give you feedback, encouragement, push back and a point of accountability.

Mid-term and End of Coaching Review.
Half way through your engagement we survey key stakeholders to gain feedback on your progress. We often administer mini-surveys to determine if the desired changes have taken place. We also administer an end of engagement review.

We may also meet with you periodically for post engagement check ups.

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