CEO and Executive Team Coaching - Start Ups
We coached a number of CEO’s and executive team staffs, facilitating a process to improve Board communication, improve CEO performance, and also dramatically improve working relationships between key executive staff.

Executive Leaders - High Tech Company
We have coached a number of leaders in a marquee high technology company. Each assignment is unique and we have facilitated positive changes in confidence, executive presence, influence skills, higher emotional intelligence, and political savvy.

Executive Leaders - Software Company
We have worked with a number of senior leaders and have facilitated positive change in emotional intelligence, greater composure, higher emotional intelligence, and greater collaboration skills.

Senior Level Executive Coaching - Financial Services
We coached a number of directors, vice presidents and executive vice presidents at a fast growing Fortune 500 financial services firm. Several of the executives had advanced so quickly that they hadn’t gone through the normal career developmental process. We had executives reflect on their behavior and motives, administered assessments and observed them in action, to help them improve performance and leadership behaviors.

Director Level Coaching - High Technology
A high technology company was experiencing a high level of turnover in their engineering ranks. We coached several engineering directors of a high technology company to improve their leadership skills. As a result, the company’s performance improved and employee turnover dropped.

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